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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

RACSEL Building Services LTD has recently relocated offices and with the move we have welcomed two new recruits to join our expanding team.

Connie Powell and Brandon Dalais have joined our office team as Contract Administrators to assist our growing cliental of contracted clients; delivering exceptional customer service.

Pictured above on a recent site visit; Connie and Brandon have been visiting our sites and expanding their mechanical engineering knowledge in the field.

Connie Powell said:

"When I joined Racsel in September 2021, I was welcomed with open arms. I quickly felt like part of the family and the teamwork is something to be envied here at Racsel. We all genuinely get on and support each other, which makes it easy to provide the seamless and efficient service our clients are so used to. I’m always heard when I put forward my ideas, feel I’m a valued member of this dynamic team and I appreciate how well everyone works together to make sure our clients are happy and well looked after. Racsel is also a lot of fun, we make time for work drinks so we can all catch up outside of the office and our seasonal events are extravagant and exciting. I look forward to many more years here, thank you team Racsel! "


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